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Drain Protector Holder
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: DPST-50
Price: $159.95

Shipping Weight: 15.00 pounds
Holds DP4242 & DP4848 The materials and construction of the Lakefront Enterprises DrainProtector Storage Tubes are as follows: Tube Material LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), durable, weatherproof and long lasting and provided in bright yellow that's highly visible and easily recognizable from a distance. Fasteners Stainless Steel fasteners are used for the benefit of being rust-proof and resistant to any aggressive chemicals that may come in contact with the outside fastening hardware. Strap High strength nylon web with all end cuts and bolt holes heat sealed to prevent fraying. End Caps Durable urethane material with center mounted 3/8" brass grommets intended to act as both, a simple pressure release valve to prevent the tube from pressurizing which results in the End Caps possibly blowing off and to also allow air circulation to help the DrainProtector itself "air out" and stay dry and free of any possible mold growth. To prevent the DrainProtector from sliding out of the tube when it's held in a vertical position, the End Cap on one end (the bottom when vertical) is held securely in place with a stainless steel hose clamp around the outside of the End Cap lip. The End Cap at the other or “open” end of the tube is likewise held permanently in place with a strap and slam rivet set up that attaches the cap and strap assembly to the carrying strap bolt on one side of the tube preventing any possible loss of the end cap and when closed, the end cap is held firmly shut over the end of the tube by means of a Velcro attachment. Finally, and in order to further keep the DrainProtector from accidentally falling out of the tube, we've added two brightly colored "This Side Up" stickers on opposite sides of the tube at the open end.

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